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Ying-Yang, day-night, bitter-sweet, the dichotomy exists everywhere in nature. Within each of us also, resides the duality of the good and the evil. The duality of knowing what’s right and doing exactly opposite.

One could perhaps argue that this is caused due to the way our brain functions. Our brain is compartmentalised and works in seperate units, tasked with different objectives. Brain function itself is a result of team work.

The fact is, one side of brain is creative and other side is analytical.

Cognitive dissidence occurs when our creative side knows what to do and our analytical side pulls us back from doing it. Sometimes it’s like driving a car on full throttle with hand brakes.

The trick is to learn what side of the brain are you listening to. There are meditative and physical exercises you can do to evoke different parts of the brain.

Why else would you think, a monk still meditates after being a monk all of his life?

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