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Most of us, just like me don't even there is a "reset button" that exists within us. Just like when your phone or your computer is slow you need to turn it off and turn it back on. Usually it works better than before, or at least it works.

We have a reset button too… it's called "holiday". There is good scientific reason behind it. When we are at constant, unrelenting work, we are under fire, under stress. A set of chemicals or hormones are secreted in our body. When we are recuperating, or taking a holiday, another set of hormones are secreted in our body. Their job is different to the ones that are secreted when we are under fire.

When we are under fire our natural system wants to preserve us. When we are resting our body, it prepares for next growth sprout. This does not means that eternal dormant state will bring you growth either. When the body is in resting state it's filled with different chemicals that are designed for growth. Just like cortisol and endorphins. I am not a neuropharmacologist so I would know. Talk to one if you want to know more.

But take a holiday before you feel burnt out.

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