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The man in the mirror

The so called moral compass, or the decision between two choices, could simply be described as simply as being in touch with our true selves. As simple as asking that man in the mirror, is he impressed?

A simple pic, with a man, nicely dressed looking at himself in the mirror. The caption reads “Its the man in the mirror you need to impress”. You could take it as shallow as you possibly like, or you might take it as deep as you could. Superficially it might sound like someone is dressing up and wants to look good.

How about the mental game that we play between the time we get out of bed and by the time we get out through our door. Once you have gone out of your door, the attitude you wear has already affected your life practically. The change in self, change in attitude needs to be before you engage with the society. Engaging with society could be either walking out of you front door, making a phone call or waving someone hello in your neighborhood.

Meditation, religion, judicial system… what do they have in common. They are all in the business of self realisation, improvement and judgement. I have a strong belief that an average person can achieve desired out come of these three institutions between the time they get out of bed and door.

How and what to do is another subject all together. Realising that it is possible, is the first step and perhaps that the only one anyone would ever need to make.




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