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It’s seamless, when the pieces fit

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Next time when you see a youngster driving an expensive Ferrari, don't jump to a conclusion and say that he is driving his dad's car. Perhaps he has put his pieces together for him and it looks seamless to you, from a distance.

It’s the way you see it

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If you were to wear dark glasses would you see the world a little bit darker? How about pink coloured glasses. How about if you were to look at the world with a pessimistic view, would the world look pessimistic to you.You might have heard the saying, do you see the glass half full or [...]

What is living?

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Don't be too quick to judge. We have been conditioned to make conclusions quickly. Pause to think.The ones who are of the opinion "live the life of your dream" need to consider that you need to be "alive" to live. Being alive invariably means living life through the full spectrum, experiencing its dichotomy, experiencing the [...]

Let this be the start of journey

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Existence is eternal. It has been here before you and it will continue to be here after you are gone.Quite a paradox when I say "let this be the start of journey". My journey has started when the universe came into existence. Everything that has ever happened has culminated to my current existence.I am nothing [...]