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Contrary to popular belief, love is not a transaction where if you give love, you are bound to get it in return. It is not invested and no one else is obliged to love you in return.

Love is a verb, not a noun. It’s the act of doing love not a commodity.

We love because we have an intrinsic need to be around people, we feel the need to be loved in return. Love in fact has self centred motivations. That’s why we are often mistaken that we will be loved in return, if we love someone else.

Love unconditionally, without reservations, without expectations and with no end. Follow this rule and you will find there is a lot less resentment In relationships. Divorce rates will be cut down and we won’t hold a grudge against our loved ones that they did not love me enough in return.

This maybe controversial, but hey… everything is fair in love… as they say.

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