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A stream of water cascading from a height, a waterfall, that’s not how you describe it. A father and son looking at waterfall, that’s not how you would describe it either.

This is a picture of blessing, of bliss and a moment of thankfulness. It’s a blessing that such wonderfully beautiful places exist around us, it is bliss because there is not much else out there that could affect human mind, body and spirit so strongly. This picture is also of thankfulness, because I was lucky enough to experience this with my young one.

If you haven’t yet seen a waterfall, make it your life’s purpose to see one.

Natural water sounds are the best for stress relief, historically humans settled around fresh water sources. Hearing fresh water noises assured our survival.

There is a rhythmic chaos in waterfalls. A sense of continuity, a supply of constant and endless energy source. There is a sense of rocks being shaped by constant battering of water.

Most of all, when you are looking at one, there is a sense of wonder, existence and settlement.

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