Have heard of a concept called “World Peace”?

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It might have been ignorance or a faint hope that kept the term “World Peace” alive through the years. Not anymore. No one talks about “World Peace” anymore.

Why not? What good is amassing all the wealth and success if there is no peace. Our goal planners are full of success milestones, strategies and action items. We measure success only in monetary terms or self gratification index. All I want is for each one of us, add one more goal to our diary.

Once a month think about “World Peace” and talk about it with someone else.

I am imploring today’s social influencers to make this term “Hip” again. Even as I am writing it, it feels awkward to myself, it’s absurd that someone would even bring it up in conversation.

Because we are so connected to the information coming from all around the world. We are busy looking at limited time offers, spring sale, annual sale and EOFY sales. We are busy taking selfies, looking at cats spinning from the fans. We are busy amassing wealth, experiencing success.

For this once let’s do something uncomfortable, let’s talk about #worldpeace

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