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Ego is like a flag that people hoist within themselves. Quite metaphorical, but it’s the easiest way to understand how we all work.

First of all I want to point out that I am not talking about ego in a negative way. Nor do I look negatively at people with big egos.

Ego is merely a sense of self identity that people hold for themselves.

We all carry a flag of our ego within us. Given favourable circumstances it flutters ceremoniously, in face of adverse criticism, the Ego-Flag tends to come half mast. When under attack it can also be battered and ripped.

When we approach anyone, we should treat them as if we would treat a country’s flag, with respect and dignity. We should salute the qualities in others. If we find someone with their self respect at half mast we should find reasons to elevate their self esteem by pointing out their qualities.

This is all well said, but what about the times when other people are needed to be set straight, what do you do when someone else is been dishonest, cruel or plain reckless with your sense of self respect. No matter what the situation the Ego-Flag will always come into picture.

In an argument you will be playing “capture the flag” with your opponent. Person who has held up their Ego-Flag the longest time seems to always win.

So protect your Ego-Flag and respect others.

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