Collection of my quotes, sort of reminder to myself and sometimes, sort of reminder to others. Where I have quoted others, I will ensure that they are credited.

September 2017

What is Work-Life balance?

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Finding balance in life is not an act, it's an art, it's not mechanical, it's organic. There are no measure of balance, when you achieve a balance it's something you feel.

Love is not a Transaction

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Contrary to popular belief, love is not a transaction where if you give love, you are bound to get it in return. It is not invested and no one else is obliged to love you in return. Love is a verb, not a noun. It's the act of doing love not a commodity. We love [...]

August 2017

You know you should – But do you?

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Ying-Yang, day-night, bitter-sweet, the dichotomy exists everywhere in nature. Within each of us also, resides the duality of the good and the evil. The duality of knowing what's right and doing exactly opposite.

How could you ever describe this

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A stream of water cascading from a height, a waterfall, that's not how you describe it. A father and son looking at waterfall, that's not how you would describe it either.This is a picture of blessing, of bliss and a moment of thankfulness. It's a blessing that such wonderfully beautiful places exist around us, it [...]

Disconnected people

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It's often in crowds that we find solitude. It's a hyper connected society that finds time and place to be so personally disconnected in today's metropolitan world. I commute to work everyday in public transport. It's on rare occasion that I find two strangers talking to each other. When a random conversation starts, you can [...]

It’s seamless, when the pieces fit

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Next time when you see a youngster driving an expensive Ferrari, don't jump to a conclusion and say that he is driving his dad's car. Perhaps he has put his pieces together for him and it looks seamless to you, from a distance.