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Anything worthwhile ever achieved must have started with an idea and accomplished by injecting energy into it.

Ideas are born out of need, opportunity or by chance. Whatever the source, idea by itself is barren.

Idea needs to be cultivated with discipline, focus and energy to be of any significance.

How many people have you heard saying that they had the idea of Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter? I have heard a few. But that’s it, it might have been an idea and remained to be an idea.

It did not transform into anything physical because it was barren by itself. It needed the discipline of its bearer, the focus to persevere and energy to bring it to life.

No creation is too small for recognition, writing a blog post, a story, a movie, building a business, building a house or a city… when it’s brought from the idea world into physical world, it’s God’s Work.


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